Armin Mattli, owner and president of the world renowned Clinique La Prairie, set out with the goal to promote the lifestyle of improved health, happiness, and vitality. He has endeavored to make the spa a location of pampering and where a client can renew him/herself.

Clinique La Prairie of Montreux, Switzerland is internationally known for its revolutionary spa treatment and the TEN MUSEUM PARK, where all your needs in relaxation and beauty are fulfilled. To make Clinique La Prairie the epitome of the spa experience, a skilled and highly developed team has helped to achieve ranking number one in European spa by Travel + Leisure Magazine.

Co-developer Michael Capponi, who is most known for his nightlife expertise, will join the team in creating Ten Museum Park’s 2,500 sq. ft. first-floor lounge to further meet the needs of the spa’s clients. He will be serving as the condominium’s Director of Residential Services in the future as well.

Gregg Covin local to Miami is also part of the hard working team that ensures Clinique La Prairie remains the highest of quality. He has been building in Miami for over 55 years, his family working hard to ensure the best outcome. His past developments include the Hotel St. Augustine and the Neville Condominium in Miami Beach’s South Beach area.

michael capponi

From OPPENheim Architecture and Design, Chad Oppenheim will serve as Clinique La Prairie’s and Ten Museum Park’s main project’s architect. His qualifications and recognitions for his work consist of the 2000 American Architecture Award and the 2000 AIA Florida Architecture Award.

Last but not least, Majestic Properties has assisted and served as the prestigious spa’s real estate company. Founded by Jeff Morr in 1995, the company has grown tremendously, establishing a significant presence throughout Miami, Miami Beach, the Biscayne Corridor, and North Bay Village.